Data-profiling… and our privacy?

I like the web. It is a place of freedom, community and knowledge. However, you must follow some rules and know what goes on when you are sitting in front of your pc. I am scared by the quantity of information about myself I end up sharing with others – and I don’t know who . . . → Read More: Data-profiling… and our privacy? under attack!

Have you ever looked for a job? If the answer is “YES!”, I’m sure you know the company Monster, the leading career management portal.

Well, Monster’s resume database was looted, and the personal information taken was used to forge convincing messages that deposited password-stealing Trojans and ransomware on users’ PCs.

Read all the article by . . . → Read More: under attack!

DOD: Desktop On Demand

What is Desktop On Demand (DOD)? Think of it as an online version of your personal computer, and then some.

Do the things you’d expect to do on a computer – surf the web, deal with email, edit and save documents and photos, download stuff, play music and games, customise the look and feel, . . . → Read More: DOD: Desktop On Demand